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Hi. I'm Allie.  I'm a retired elementary teacher of 10 years and now a stay-at-home mama.  I love to talk about Jesus, food, fashion, essential oils, Justin Timberlake, and the evils of gluten.  I have really bad posture but I'm working on it, ok?  I prefer to mostly show the highlight reel of our lives on this blog…but don't be fooled.  Behind the scenes, I'm a hot mess most of the time.

This is my husband Billy.  He's a drummer, actor and rock 'n roller.  He also has a new job as the executive director of a non-profit called Steps of Faith.  He raises money for amputees who can't afford prosthetic care…which he is extremely passionate about because he happens to be an amputee himself. Billy is more hilarious than anyone on SNL and is a walking encyclopedia of pop culture and music trivia knowledge.  He's an amazing dad and there's nobody else I'd rather laugh with or live life with!

You can read more about Billy here:  

This is Leo.  He's 2 and loves sunglasses, balloons, Curious George, drums, dogs, bath time, Chipotle, and Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars/Mark Ronson...aka the "Doo Song".

This is Goldie.  She loves soft blankies, smiling, snuggling, and getting her diaper changed.

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