Saturday, July 31, 2010

Week O' Fun - Day 6 (Final Day...O' Fun)

Leiper's Fork:
Our dear friends Luke & Rebekah (and baby Jonah) joined in for our last Day O' Fun!  About 45 minutes south of Nashville is a cute, tiny little town called Lieper's Fork.  It is home to the original Puckett's and a strip of cute little boutiques and stores.  It's also the home of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman...who for some reason didn't return our calls.  Weird, huh?.   

Back in Nashville, we visited Centennial Park where there is replica of the orignial Parthenon in Athens.  

Centennial Park:
Also in the park every Saturday is Musican's Corner.  It's a free outdoor concert series that features 4 or 5 indie artists every week.  This day happened to be the HOTTEST day of the summer so far, but we we were glad we braved the heat.  

This guy...Trent Dabbs, is a great singer/songwriter and is kind of the mastermind behind this concert series and Ten out of Tenn.  Thanks a lot for walking into my pic, Trent!  No, seriously...thanks.  Madi Diaz is performing on stage behind him.  

Game Night at the Sullivants:
We ended the night at Luke and Rebekah's house with yummy chicken risotto and card games.

Here's what happens when we play games:
Billy's A.D.D. kicks in and he doesn't listen to the rules.  My competitive side kicks in and I get irritated that Billy doesn't take the game seriously...especially when he is my partner in the game!  Then I get tense when I'm losing and try to pretend like it doesn't bother me.  Luke and Rebekah just laugh at us.

This time, Billy actually focused on the game and he WON!  I pretended to be happy for him.  

I hope you enjoyed following us on our adventures this week! Isn't my husband a great sport?!  I love that when I mentioned the idea, he didn't even hesitate.  He was all for it.  He also put up with me taking hundreds of pictures wherever we went.  Haha! It was really fun to have the vacation mindset while being in our own city. We didn't do dishes or laundry.  We let the mail pile up.  We didn't stress out about work coming up the next week.  We just spent time together and enjoyed Nashville.  I hope this inspires you to do the same thing wherever you live!  

Friday, July 30, 2010

Week O' Fun - Day 5

Coleman Community Center:
In order to offset all the fried food we've been eating, we decided to go workout this morning.  We have an awesome community center less than a mile away from our house.  They have a great gym, walking track and indoor pool.  They also offer yoga, Zumba, pilates, etc.  It only costs $2 to work out!  Or you can pay $25 a month for unlimited visits.  It's such a deal!  Way cheaper than a gym membership.  We love it.

McDougal's Chicken Fingers and Wings:
Yeah...we worked out hard and then what did we do?  Eat more grease.  McDougal's is in Hillsboro Village in a row of houses that have been converted into cool little restaurants.

The McDougal's Staff wanted in on the fun.

It's a fancy joint.

Pool Time:  
Our friends Greg & Sionnie have a fabulous pool at their apartment complex and they let us crash it for the afternoon.  I definitely have not spent enough time at the pool this summer!  Speaking of Sionnie, click here to see her fabulous photography!  She's super talented.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week O' Fun - Day 4

Willie Nelson & Family General Store and Museum:
We stumbled upon this place today which is located across from the Opryland Hotel.  Billy is actually a big Willie Nelson fan, but we decided not to pay $8 to enter the "museum".  I think it's kind of weird to have a whole museum for someone who is still alive.  Don't you?

We did get our picture with some celebs while we were there.  Including the owner himself.

Cooter's Duke's of Hazzard Museum:
Hahaha!  Cooter's is next door to Willie's place.  It would be a great tourist stop if you were a Duke's of Hazzard fan.  IF.  We had to go in, though, since we were right there.  Tons of toys, photos, and of course...Daisy Dukes. 

 "What is this junk and why are we here?!"

We drove by to check on the Opry progress.  Lookin' good!

Loveless Cafe:  
Loveless is about a 35 minute drive away from where we live.  It's been a Nashville favorite for over 50 years.  Click here to read a history of The Loveless.

Our friends Erin and Zac joined us for the fun.  They have lived in Nashville several years but this was their first trip to Loveless, too!

The Loveless is known for its biscuits and they do not disappoint.  Good thing I wore a dress that's like a tent, because I ate 4.  The rest of the home cookin' style food was really good.  Honestly, though...Puckett's fried chicken is still #1 in my opinion.

Behind the restaurant is the "Loveless Barn".  And in the Barn, Starship was playing live!  As in..."We Built This City on Rock and Roll" and "Nothin's Gonna Stop Us Now."  Classic.

Billy and Zac on Wikipedia looking up all the special guests who kept coming on stage.

Stay tuned for more fun!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Week O' Fun - Day 3

Burger Up:
This is one of the newest restaurants open on 12th Ave. South (our old hood).  It is run by the same owner of the Frothy Monkey coffeehouse which is just down the street.  We've tried to come a few different times before but the line has been around the block.  Nashville must love gourmet burgers!

I'm not much of a burger connoisseur. A burger is a burger.  But, you can feel good about all of the homemade, wholesome ingredients here.   They make their own buns, ketchup and use fresh local produce and meat...which you know is close to my heart.

As you can see, it was packed again today for lunch.  Everyone sits family style and you definitely get a little cozy with the strangers sitting next to you!

Las Paletas:
Just next door to Burger Up is the yummiest smelling shop you'll ever set foot in.  Only thing on the menu:  popsicles!  We have seen these popsicles sold in Mexican restaurants around town, but today we went straight to the source.  Now we're asking ourselves...what took us so long to try these?!    I know you're probably thinking that it's just a popsicle.  But you're wrong.  Oh, my word. So delish.

Check out the unique flavors...

Banana split popsicle made with real bananas, chocolate chips, and strawberries.

Third Man Records:
This weird little place is owned by Jack White of The White Stripes.  It is a recording studio as well as a tiny novelty shop that is open to the public.  When I say tiny, I mean you feel really awkward looking at things in the shop while the teenage guy who works there is 1 foot away...bored...and watching you.

You also have to be buzzed in when you want to come into the shop which makes it kind of feel like a speak-easy. Or maybe like you're a VIP and you're getting the o.k. from Jack to enter.

San Antonio Taco Company:
SATCO is one of our favorite cheap, quick, and unhealthy guilty pleasures.  It's located down the street from Vanderbilt University and has a killer patio.  The flour tortillas and queso and are amazing.  Yeah...we ate queso.  Lots of it.  I'm not ashamed.

The first time we came here during lunch time, I was like a deer in headlights.  They have their own ordering system here and it's hard to figure out what and how much to order.  There is usually such a crowd in line and you have to fill out your order on the little menus in a hurry or you have a hungry herd of college kids breathing down your neck.  We're total pros now.  Look at Billy go.

Apparently the "Week O' Fun" is turning into the "Get Fat Really Quick Week"!

Davis Kidd Bookstore:
Here we caught up on our important reading.  You know...Rolling Stone, US Weekly, Vogue.  The classics.

And some Kettle if I didn't have enough to eat today.  Yes, if you're wondering...that is a leopard print Sunggie I'm wearing.  Jealous?