Friday, August 5, 2011

Six Years Strong!

August 4th, 2005 is the day that Billy lost his leg to Ewings Sarcoma. We celebrate this day every year because it's the day Billy became cancer-free!  It's been 6 years. We're praying for many, many, more.  So thankful for that nifty blue C-Leg.  Hoping it holds out a few more years!

Pioneer Woman Chocolate Sheet Cake has become the yearly tradition.  I've GOT to figure out how to make this with g-free flour!  I decided not to chance it this time, so I made some g-free chocolate chip cookies for myself.  I did share a few...

Our great friends Nathan, Micah, Zack, Steve, Leslie, Erin, Sarah, Me, Billy, Greg, Sionnie

We pray everyday for those we love who are still fighting cancer.  My beautiful grandma, Sara, who is battling a brain tumor.

My brother-in-law, Cody, who just started chemo treatments to fight testicular cancer. 

And our sweet little Marley, our friend's youngest daughter who is fighting brain cancer as well.
Lots of love to all of you dealing with cancer personally as well.  Jesus is holding you close and gives a peace that passes all understanding!  There is hope.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Week of Fun 2011: Day 6

After shampooing my hair 4 times to get the hairspray out of my '80s bangs from last night, we headed back to East Nashville for an awesome breakfast at Marche Artisan Foods.  Haha...I told you that everything in East Nashville is "artisan".  Everything here is fresh, local, and really delicious.  There are tons of bread and pastries that I would have LOVED to eat...but no g-free treats.  The frittata was great, though.

Just a tad humid in Nashville today.  Haha.  :)

Old Made Good
OMG in East Nashville is my favorite new store.  It is filled with little handmade and repurposed treasures.  It's cute...with an edge.  And definitely a sense of humor.  Great furniture, clothes, handbags, jewelry, lamps, art, etc.  Follow their fun blog at

Me with Kate, one of the co-owners.  Words to live by behind us.  Lol.  (Sorry, Mom).

Fontanel Farm
About 20 minutes outside of town is Fontanel.  Fontanel includes a farm, restaurant, outdoor amphitheater and a mansion formerly owned by Barbara Mandrell.  We went to meet our friends the Sparks' for dinner.  Zac was playing bass at the Farmhouse restaurant.  The trees, hills, and view is really beautiful.  The weather cooled down a little bit and it was so quiet and peaceful out there.  We loved it.  We didn't really love the food at the Farmhouse, though...sorry Barbara.

Hot & Cold
We ended our Week of Fun at a new little place in Hillsboro Village, Hot & Cold.  It serves Bongo Java Coffee, Las Paletas, Jeni's Ice Cream, and lots of other hot/cold treats.  We had a fun spot by the window to people watch and talk about the great week we've had together.  Only a few more days until it's back to a schedule and daily grind.  I hope you enjoyed reading about our shenanigans this week!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Week of Fun 2011: Day 5

Thrift Store Shopping
Later this evening, we have a special event to go to so we hit up some thrift stores around town.  We hit the jackpot at Pre-to Post Modern on 8th Ave. S.  It's such a fun store.

Side-Note about Dudes in Nashville
I had to take a picture of this guy because it is an example of how so many dudes in Nashville dress every day.  It's SUMMER.  Today it is over 100 degrees.  And what is he wearing?  A stocking cap, long sleeved-flannel shirt, t-shirt underneath, long jeans, and boots.  It's just silly.  Is this just Nashville thing?  

You can still look like a "cool" musician, rock star in a t-shirt, guys.  Lose the winter cap, even if you're going bald.  Embrace it.  I don't want you to have a heat stroke.  Lol.  Oh, man.

Matinee Movie
Thanks to a LivingSocial deal for 2 free Fandango tickets, we saw Crazy, Stupid, Love for free!  Great movie!

There are Billy's new shoes!  Lol.  They practially glow in the dark!

We met up with our great friends Greg & Sionnie for some yummy Greek food at Kalamata's.

Geek Prom!!!
While searching for fun things to do this week, I found out about a Geek Prom fundraiser that was happening at a club in town.  Hello!?  Sign me up!!  I love a good theme party.  Especially if there's dancing.  This party had all of the above.  Greg & Sionnie were the perfect geeks to join us.  So. Much. Fun. We had a blast and could not stop laughing at ourselves all night.

I decided to rock the "shark fin" bangs made famous at Parsons Middle School by my BFF Bree Burnett.

Sionnie even made a corsage and boutonniere.  Adorable.