Thursday, March 25, 2010

Roomies Reunite!

So...I can be a little bit celebrity obsessed.  Isn't everyone?  Don't answer that.  I happen to subscribe to Gwyneth Paltrow's blog called GOOP.  Doesn't everyone?  I's ridiculous.  Gwyneth usually blogs about food that I'm not interested in making, exotic places I probably will never go to, spiritual enlightment that I don't agree with and fashion I will never be able to afford or be skinny enough to pull off.  BUT... I still read it out of sheer curiosity.  Ha!  Well...Gwyneth was actually shooting a movie in Nashville recently and wrote not one, but TWO blogs about all the cool stuff she loved in Nashville.  Several of my faves made the list.  Such fun to read!

GOOP:  Nashville Part 1
GOOP:  Nashville Part 2

So my college roomie and BF, Brie, came to town to visit me when Billy was out of town.  Here are some of our sights, some of which were left off Gwyneth's list.

Our first stop was my favorite Nashville original joint, The Local Taco.  I'm obsessed with the Tequila Lime Chicken taco and the Buffalo Chicken taco.  They have a crazy menu with out-of-the-ordinary tacos and ever-changing specials.  The staff recognizes me now when I come in...which is slightly embarassing.

Saturday morning, I took Brie to our favorite breakfast spot, Fido.  They use lots of local, natural, organic ingredients.  SOOO good.  It's also proved to be a good place to spot celebs.  It used to be an old pet store...hence the funny, unappetizing name.

Next stop:  Financial Peace Plaza in Brentwood.  Why?  Because we're nerds who love Dave Ramsey.  Hire me, Dave!  I felt like I was saving money just standing next to his building.

The Opryland Hotel, next door to the Grand Old Opry, has the most magnificent lobby.  It is literally an indoor tropical rainforest.  Parking just to stop in and see the lobby is $18.  Uh...what?  Dave would not approve.  So we parked 1/2 mile away and walked over.  Well worth it.

Franklin, TN is about 30 minutes south of where we live in the center of Nashville.  It has the cutest historical downtown area complete with unique boutiques, restaurants, businesses, and most importantly...cupcakes.

Gwyneth was on a mission to find the best fried chicken in Nashville.  I don't think she found it because she didn't go to Puckett's!  Puckett's is a traditional "meat 'n 3"(home-cooking) restaurant and grocery store in downtown Franklin.  The chicken is so good...I'm sure it's organic, fat free, low calorie, and gluten free.'s soaked in butter for hours and deep fried.  But I would venture to say it's the best in the country and worth squeezing in an extra trip to the gym for.  Thanks for visiting, roomie!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Waterdeep shows!

KC Peeps!  Billy is playing drums with Waterdeep this Friday, March 26th at Record Bar.  Tickets are only $10 at the door and the doors open at 5pm.  Don't miss this!  Don and Lori have been performing as a duo the past several years and are now doing some rare full-band shows.  Billy was also privileged to play drums on most of their new album.  Click here to download a free sampler of their new album on Noise Trade. While you're at it, get some other free music there too!

Here are pics of their Nashville CD Release show a few weeks ago.  Sandra McCracken and Derek Webb opened.  I'm such a geeky fan...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Doily Canvas Bag

For those of you that don't know...I'm totally a blog stalker. I admit it. One of the blogs I adore is "Under the Sycamore". I have never met this woman and she does not know that I stalk her, but I don't think she minds. She has the most creative ideas and is an awesome photographer. This is one of her many craft ideas that I decided to try. The bag above is my version of the one pictured here on her blog.

I got my bag at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off of $4.99. Watch for sales!

I also used this coupon to buy the matte black fabric paint. (They have these every week online)

You can also make your own stencil by printing off the letter you want, cut it out, and trace it with a pencil. I used Copperplate Gothic Light font size 350. The trick is using a really small, stiff, angled paint brush to fill it in. Use a sponge to stencil the doily. A paint brush doesn't work as well. I heat set it with a hair dryer. Give it a try!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Conversations with an ELL Teacher

Me: "Did you have fun on your snow day?"
Student: "Yeah! My mom was throwing pictures of me." (smiling)
Me: "Your mom was throwing pictures of you?"
Student: "Yeah..she was throwing pictures of me and my brother in the snow."
Me: What kind of awful mother throws...." you mean that she was taking pictures of you?
Student: "Oh! Yeah....that's what I meant."
I guess taking pictures sounds just about as mean as throwing them if you really think about it.

Me: "The story said that he decided to 'stick by his friend' even though he was different. What do you think that means? Does it mean he will glue himself to his friend?"
All Students: All nod their heads enthusiastically.
Me: "Well...I see why you would think that. That's not quite what he means. Any other ideas?"
Student: "He gonna get a stick and poke him with the stick."
Me: " actually means that he's going to be his friend no matter what happens. He's going to 'stick' by him. Make sense?
All Students: Long pause...blank stares.
Me: (sigh)"I know... English is weird."

Girl: "Mrs. B, why you always paint your hair white?"
Me: "'s called 'dye'. I dye my hair blonde."
Girl: (inspecting my roots) "'s white right here and then black right here".
Me: "'re right. That's just the way I like it, I guess."
Girl: "You're weird."
Me: "I know."