Monday, September 7, 2009

My Porcelain Perspective

Some people might call it a "staycation". A vacation at home away from work and other bothersome showering, eating, getting dressed, and stepping into daylight. You could also think of it as an intense detox, rapid weight-loss program. A stomach boot-camp, if you will. I just call it food poisoning. Not fun, people. Not fun. I lost 8 pounds in 4 days and logged in 72+ hours of HGTV...which happened to be the only channel that did not nauseate me. It's amazing how much food there is on TV when you're trying to avoid seeing anything resembling food. I do not wish that upon anyone. However, Billy was the best nurse and diligently took care of me and brought me Gatorade and US weekly.

This is a picture of my first outing back among the living. We went to Arrington Vineyards (owned by Kix Brooks) which is about 30 minutes away from Nashville with our friends Luke & Rebekah. It is a gorgeous area of land where you can do wine tastings, listen to live music and pretend to fit in with incredibly fancy people. We brought our own picnic dinner and just sat on the hill with the other peasants and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and music. Wineless, but free. It was soo relaxing and fun. Yes...I did shower.


  1. well it wasn't a staycation for your poop, i'll tell you that much.

    i am glad you got to visit the land of the living again though...that place looks neato.

  2. Poor girl...hope you are continuing to feel better! Tell ya what, between your story and the two kids that have already thrown up in my classroom this year (not little trashcan incidents either, I might add), I've heard and seen enough. Wish I could have been there to bring you chicken noodle soup and saltines. Love you!

  3. Oh Allie! I'm glad you feeling better - food poisoning is the worst. I really hope it wasn't something from your favorite place to eat (because I'm sure you'll never want to eat there again :). Glad you had a wonderful destination your first time out!

  4. Sorry to hear about your "staycation", but now I'm more sorry I read these 2 other comments. Glad you're feeling better!

    - Corey

  5. 4 days of food poisoning? allie! how awful. glad you're alive and great picture of you and billie!