Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Jobs

I am no longer unemployed! Yay! I just finished my first week as a 3rd-4th grade ELL "Push-In" teacher in Metro Nashville Public Schools. I am working with 8 students who are in 3rd and 4th grade who are English Language Learners a.k.a. English as a Second Language students. I have 3 students from Somalia, 2 from Kenya, 1 from El Salvador, 1 from Puerto Rico and 1 from Mexico. I have two 1-hour reading sessions when I pull them out of their classroom. The rest of the day, I am going between both grade levels and supporting the teacher and students in the regular education classroom. It's such a blessing to have a teaching job...but one that is WAY less stressful than managing an all-day kindergarten class. Even though I loved my kindergartners...I miss those little munchkins!

My second job is an independent distributor of Shaklee products. (See previous post) I would love to talk to you about these products if you're interested! You can visit my personal Shaklee site at

I'm also working a few hours a week as the assistant to Don Chaffer of the band Waterdeep. Don and Lori have become great friends of ours and moved to Nashville from KC just a few weeks before we did. I am a longtime fan of their music. If you don't have their latest album, Pink and should! It is a super fun album with melodies I have become addicted to. They are amazingly talented people and have some other great things in the works. Stay tuned to


  1. Woo hoo! Steady, predictable income RAWKS! Miss you guys ...

  2. girl you need to call me and give me a real-live conversation. i am excited to hear about your new jobs!

  3. Yay! CONGRATS on your new job(s). I know you'll be awesome in all of these roles. As an "RSL" learner, I have so much more empathy for ESL learners. I'm so glad that they will have you as a teacher. The other day my teacher kept saying she didn't believe me when I told her how old I was. It was such a funny exchange because I thought she just didn't think I looked 31, but I finally realized I was saying I was 13 not 31. Oops.

  4. Congratulations on your new position!