Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Friends are Friends Forever...

Billy and I often talk about how blessed we are to have such great friends in our lives.

Exhibit A: Mark and Jami Nato.

The Nato's are parents of 2. But, still delightfully immature...just like us. For example...seeing how many ways we can model a seashell belt. Yes, Jami did get scabies from putting it on her face, but don't worry. She's been treated and is fine now. We have shared many, many laughs with these two and lots of tears as well. We have seen each other through some really tough times. That's what community is all about. Now if we could just convince them to move to Nashville...

1 comment:

  1. i may have gotten scabies(still have them btw) but you apparently got lice. don't pass that to the school children. that would be rude.

    LOL. good times. love you guys!