Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Conversations with an ELL Teacher

Me: "Did you have fun on your snow day?"
Student: "Yeah! My mom was throwing pictures of me." (smiling)
Me: "Your mom was throwing pictures of you?"
Student: "Yeah..she was throwing pictures of me and my brother in the snow."
Me: What kind of awful mother throws...." you mean that she was taking pictures of you?
Student: "Oh! Yeah....that's what I meant."
I guess taking pictures sounds just about as mean as throwing them if you really think about it.

Me: "The story said that he decided to 'stick by his friend' even though he was different. What do you think that means? Does it mean he will glue himself to his friend?"
All Students: All nod their heads enthusiastically.
Me: "Well...I see why you would think that. That's not quite what he means. Any other ideas?"
Student: "He gonna get a stick and poke him with the stick."
Me: " actually means that he's going to be his friend no matter what happens. He's going to 'stick' by him. Make sense?
All Students: Long pause...blank stares.
Me: (sigh)"I know... English is weird."

Girl: "Mrs. B, why you always paint your hair white?"
Me: "'s called 'dye'. I dye my hair blonde."
Girl: (inspecting my roots) "'s white right here and then black right here".
Me: "'re right. That's just the way I like it, I guess."
Girl: "You're weird."
Me: "I know."


  1. Those are like the conversations I have with my wife about geology. Especially the part with the blank stares and the "your weird" part.

  2. OMG, hilarious.
    more stories! more stories!