Friday, August 5, 2011

Six Years Strong!

August 4th, 2005 is the day that Billy lost his leg to Ewings Sarcoma. We celebrate this day every year because it's the day Billy became cancer-free!  It's been 6 years. We're praying for many, many, more.  So thankful for that nifty blue C-Leg.  Hoping it holds out a few more years!

Pioneer Woman Chocolate Sheet Cake has become the yearly tradition.  I've GOT to figure out how to make this with g-free flour!  I decided not to chance it this time, so I made some g-free chocolate chip cookies for myself.  I did share a few...

Our great friends Nathan, Micah, Zack, Steve, Leslie, Erin, Sarah, Me, Billy, Greg, Sionnie

We pray everyday for those we love who are still fighting cancer.  My beautiful grandma, Sara, who is battling a brain tumor.

My brother-in-law, Cody, who just started chemo treatments to fight testicular cancer. 

And our sweet little Marley, our friend's youngest daughter who is fighting brain cancer as well.
Lots of love to all of you dealing with cancer personally as well.  Jesus is holding you close and gives a peace that passes all understanding!  There is hope.


  1. why can't you have those parties in KC. just once. i'd like to attend.

    also, will you let me take you and billy's photos the next time your in town. fo free.

  2. are you gluten-free? i have a gluten-free all purpose flour...i can try to get one from ter-bear that works better for cakes though. give me your email beotch and we'll get this thing done!

  3. What a sweet post. Full of hope for all those still fighting. I have four cancer survivors in my family. :) Love you guys!

  4. this post brought tears to my eyes! i hate cancer. so thankful for billy's life! love you guys!

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