Friday, February 11, 2011

Our church knows how to party

We love our church for many reasons.  Now I have added one more reason to the list: The Annual Valentine's Banquet.  OMG. So much fun.  They have been advertising this event for several weeks.  Dancing, Dinner, Dress up, Married Couples.  They had me at dancing.  But, tickets were a little expensive for us right now.  $75 a couple.  We decided that we just shouldn't spend the money.  The subject came up in my women's small group the week before.  The ladies were asking me if we were going.  They let me know that some members of the church donate tickets every year to couples that want to go but can't afford it.  Then, what do you know...I got a call the next day from the church saying they wanted us to come and were giving us the tickets as a gift!  Isn't that the best?!!  

The Nazarene girl in me was SO excited to dance with my church family. There's nothing like doing the Electric Slide next to your pastor!  HA!  It was also just a really fun, night to be with Billy and celebrate our marriage with other married couples...some who've been together 30+ years!  I pray that next year we can attend again and maybe even give another deserving couple a pair of tickets as a gift.

B's signature move.  

Cupid Shuffle!

Whitney and Dave

Our pastors! (Killin' it!)

Ahhh....I need more dancing in my life.


  1. random small world! whitney is the twin sister of one of my good friends here in kansas city! hilariously awesome! love your new blog layout!

  2. and again. skinny to the minny. you are hott.

    billy, you're ok. but you know this.

    wish i was there dancing with you allie. i have some sweet prego moves i've been meaning to show you.

  3. You look gorgeous! I want to do the electic slide with your pastor. For real.

  4. I love your dress...wish I could borrow it. Of course I would need about three layers of Spanx to make it possible. You are beautiful!