Monday, June 27, 2011

Sweet time with Sara Gene

A couple of weeks ago, Billy and I went home to KC and also made a stop in Wichita for a few days. Wichita is not a necessarily interesting place to visit.  It's not particularly beautiful or exotic.  But it's one of my favorite places to visit because Sara and Roger Williams live there.  My grandparents.

This is my grandma, Sara, talking and bird watching with my mom.  My grandma is a very smart, quick-witted, energetic lady.  I think I get my sarcastic sense of humor from her.

She has a close relationship with Jesus that is inspiring.  Over the years, I've often thought that God sometimes hears my Grandmother's prayers louder than others.  At one point in time during my senior year of college, she was very concerned about my singleness.  She specifically prayed that someone would ask me out.  That next weekend, I literally had 3 dates in one weekend!  So hilarious. When grandma prays, things happen!

Almost 2 years ago, my grandma was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  She had a successful surgery and had a period of healing.  Sadly, the tumor has recently come back.  Damn you, cancer!

Every time I'm with my grandparents, I feel like the time is very precious.  Of course, it feels more precious than ever now that I realize that Jesus may be taking her home soon.  She and my grandpa have been married 60 years this year.  What a legacy.  Their marriage is inspiring to me.  The way they tease each other, work together, and take care of one another.  I'm so thankful to have their example in my life.

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