Monday, July 25, 2011

Week Of Fun 2011: Day 1

The time is here!  It's our 2nd Annual "Week Of Fun".  The last week of summer before I go back to the real world of teaching. The week where we do as many fun things around Nashville as possible.  No responsible, grown-up bizniz like cooking, cleaning, laundry, errands, or working allowed.

We made a sign.  We had a plan.  Here's what Day 1 looked like.

*This past year, I have discovered that I have a gluten intolerance.  It creates many health problems for me, so I avoid bread, cookies, cakes, pasta and all yummy, wheatalicious things all costs.  I will probably mention g-free a lot....but don't get annoyed, mkay?  Just embrace it.

A Matter of Taste
After sleeping in past 10:00, since there are no alarm clocks during the Week of Fun, we finally emerged from our house for lunch.  We went to A Matter of Taste on 8th Ave. South.  I found this restaurant online a few weeks ago and have been so excited to try it because they make their own g-free bread and desserts. Score!  It did not disappoint.  Everything is super yummy and made of organic, fresh, local ingredients.  It's very tiny and cute inside.  They're only open weekdays from 11-4.  I'm hoping they'll expand their space and hours soon so I can come back again during the school year.

I shed a little tear of joy when I bit into this bread.  Oh, how I've missed you, my old friend!  

Historic Downtown Franklin, TN
After lunch, we headed to Franklin, which is about 25 minutes south of Nashville.  Franklin is so cute.  It's pretty much Mayberry.  

One of my favorite stores is a cool boutique called Philanthropy.  It is aptly named because it donates at least 10% of it's profits to designated causes.  How neat is that?  It's great to buy a cute scarf or dress and know that it's benefitting someone in need around the world.

The historic Franklin theatre is newly renovated and just re-opened a few months ago.  Unfortunately, there weren't any movies playing today.  I can't wait to see inside! 

Lulu...the cutest shabby chic store.  I would live here if I could.  I need more chandeliers and doilies in my life.

This is a really cool coffee shop called Starbucks.  Ever heard of it??

For dinner we headed to Otter's Chicken Tenders.  We ate a little too much...

After dinner Billy wanted to go to shoe heaven.  A.K.A. the Nike Factory Outlet store.  I managed to get him out of there without buying anything....which is a difficult task.  He's sneaker obsessed.

Our last event of the day was hittin' up our old friend Mr. Redbox.  We rented Unknown.  I would call it a little scary.  Billy calls it suspenseful.  Overall a good renter.  Liam Neeson never disappoints!

More fun tomorrow!  :)

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