Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Love is Alive

Exciting things are happening with Billy's non-profit, Steps of Faith Foundation.  Things with celebrities.  And I probably find celebrities way more exciting than the average person.  ha.  What? Yes.  I admit it.  But I know how to play it cool, don't worry.

SOF had their first Nashville fundraiser at the restaurant/private club The Standard. It's an amazing, huge, old mansion that has has dining rooms, meeting rooms, private lounges, bars...and literally...a hidden wardrobe to Narnia.  I'm not kidding.  We got VIP access for the night.

Wynonna Judd (!!!) was so kind to lend her golden pipes to this event.  She has a special connection to our cause because her husband, Cactus Moser, lost his leg in a motorcycle accident.  Cactus is on the SOF board of directors and is an amazing testimony of where prayer and positivity will take you after tragedy.  They are an awesome couple.  And those SONGS!  Her new ones are fabulous and the old ones really stand the test of time.  It was such an honor to see her perform in such an intimate setting.  I was a total nerd when I met her and got sweaty when I told her I was a big fan.  She was incredibly sweet to me anyway. Warm fuzzies all over.  We have been singing in our house ever since.

Love is alive          
and at our breakfast table
every day of the week
Love is alive 
and it grows every day and night
even in our sleep...

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We were also ECSTATIC to see our pals Jason and Olivia on NBC's Hollywood Game Night.  Jason was able to play in the final round of the episode and chose Steps of Faith as his cause. What?! It was so exciting to hear the name of the foundation and what they do on such a big platform like this.  Some very kind people across the country heard about the foundation on the show, found the website and sent donations.  Very cool stuff.  Click here to see a video of Jason behind the scenes mentioning SOF.  See the full episode here!

Photos courtesy of Hollywood Game Night on Facebook

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