Saturday, March 14, 2015

Steps of Faith Foundation Update

Did you know that there are hundreds of leg jokes/idioms?  

"That costs an arm and a leg!"
"I feel like we've gotten off on the wrong foot."
"Break a leg!"
"You've got a leg up on the competition."

Cheesy sayings we say all the time become really hilarious when someone says them around an amputee like Billy.  And then their eyes get really big as they realize what they just said.  And then Billy acts like he's offended…for one second.  And then laughs and lets the person off the hook.  haha. 

Billy lost his leg to cancer in 2005 and now is the executive director for a non-profit called Steps of Faith Foundation.  Next month, Steps of Faith will turn 2 years old!  I'm bursting with pride for as he uses his story, testimony, skills, and faith to help build this charity from the ground up and help other amputees in need receive the gift of mobility.  There's nothing better than telling someone they are going to get help.  "We can help you.  We're giving you a new leg.  And you don't owe us a thing."  And then seeing that person walk with their new prosthesis for the first time.

Many people we meet are surprised when they find out Billy is missing a leg. His prosthetic limb (C-Leg) is such a miraculous gift.  He would be so limited with out it.  We are so passionate about giving other amputees that same gift.  To walk instead of being on crutches.  To move around their house and job easily instead of relying on a wheelchair.  To pick something up a robotic hand instead of adapting to live without one.  To work and take care of their families without feeling handicapped.  All of these things are possible with the help of an organization like Steps of Faith.  

Click the video below to see our mission and the need for this cause.
Consider becoming a monthly donor to this cause and helping change the lives of others. 
Spread the word.

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