Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cool T-shirt & Wordle!

So, it's Billy B.'s b-day tomorrow. He'll be 33! Can you believe it? It's always hard to make his birthday present really special because let's face it...It was just Christmas 5 minutes ago. This year I kept it simple with his fave candy and picture of a t-shirt I ordered for him. We are big Conan fans and are hoping that he will not have to leave the Tonight Show! The t-shirt was designed by our friend Micah Smith in support of Team Conan! It is genius! Click here to see Micah's website and order one...or one of his other really cool posters/projects.

Another awesome website is You can make & print these cool word clouds (shown in pic) with any words that you choose and edit the fonts, colors, etc. It's really fun and it's free!


  1. great bday gift. that guy is lucky.

    and no, conan, please...don't leave!

  2. Happy Birthday to Billy! I always enjoying hearing about your gift ideas as you've always been a really creative, thoughtful gift giver. Thanks for the links too - there is a linguist in my life who would probably love receiving a word cloud in the future.