Monday, January 4, 2010

Snow Day Wishes snowed in Nashville this morning. I use the term "snow" lightly. It was more like thousands of miniature fairies were sprinkling white glitter on me. And the sun was out, so I'm not even sure where the snow was coming from....further proving the fairy theory. I must say, it is nice to go outside in Nashville and not feel like you might die of hypothermia in .5 seconds. (i.e. Kansas City) but it would be nice to have some real snow. All I'm asking for is ONE snow day. One glorious day where I wake up with anticipation and see my school's name scrolling along the bottom of the morning news and stay in my PJ's the entire day and watch Gilmore Girls. Every teacher deserves that!

I've heard through the grapevine that Nashville Schools close even when there is just a chance of snow. Which means...Thursday could be the day!!! I'll report back and let you know.


  1. girl, i'm praying for a snow day. teacher's love snow just as much as the kids!

  2. One Plus: When we're in school making up the snow days in June, you'll be laying by the pool. Home today for us and looks like it could be this way the rest of the week!

  3. We did get 2 snow days in a row! Very little snow, though! Ha! Now it's back in the upper 50's. I'm praying for a couple more "flurries days" before March. A girl can dream!