Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Month!

Proverbs 5:19: "May you ever be captivated by her love."

I love Valentines Day. This year, I really wanted to affirm Billy (a.k.a. the best husband in the world) and do something thoughtful and spend little to no money.

Once again, my friend Jami, posted a genius idea on her blog: "52 Reasons Why I love You". I found these cute heart-shaped playing cards at the $1 spot at Target last year...but never gave them to anyone. So this year, I pulled out a Sharpie and wrote "I love....(fill in the blank)" on each one and gave them to Billy on Valentine's Day. It was really fun to try to think of things that I don't tell him all the time. He was so surprised! It made me realize that some of things that annoy me sometimes...(like his looooong voicemails) are the very things that I love most about him. Try it! I highly recommend it.

Billy and I have decided to try to give each other romantic surprises throughout the next month. Not just Valentine's Day....Valentine's Month! Do you have any ideas? Post them here!


  1. oh you in love. gag me. just kidding. love it.

    idea: make a scavenger hunt in his car. and plant a little gift in there at the end. like a g-string. woo woo! LOL.

  2. That's great that you're turning it to a month o' romance. I'm not great on the creative side of things, but I know I always enjoy giving/receiving little things that only those who are really close to you know you love. For example, Sid came home the other day with an amazing Mayan hot chocolate mix that he found that was the same hot chocolate we ordered at a neat little cafe when we first got to Moscow. It was meaningful not only because chocolate is always a winner, but it was also a sweet reminder of a special time we had together.