Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mas Tacos Por Favor!

In our neighborhood, 12 South, there is this really cool boutique called Imogene and Willie.  The cute little turquoise Winnebago parked out front is one of my new favorite things in Nashville...Mas Tacos!  Mas Tacos parks at a few different places in the city and luckily for us, frequents Imogene and Willie.  I walked down there a few nights ago to see Michelle Branch, Holly Williams and Matt Wertz do a little impromptu flood relief concert in the backyard of the store.  Super fun....and the BEST tacos.


  1. dang, you are so cool. seriously, wishing i was in the know. that said, come back to KC and tell me all your cool stories of famous people and what not.

  2. I'm definitely not as cool as you, Jami. I try...but it'll never happen. :)

  3. Wondering how I can make a trip to Nashville happen...