Thursday, September 30, 2010

NEW YORK! Part 2

I really love being in New York but am always amazed by the way people live in such tight spaces.  We were SO lucky to be able to stay for free in this little apartment in the East Village on the lower level of this building.

When I say little...I mean TINY.  This is not just the bedroom. It's the entire apartment!

You're probably wondering how we sat on that toilet.  Sideways is the answer to that.  HA!

Ahhh...New York.  $1,200 a month for 400 square feet.  Not bad!  :)

Here are some other photo highlights...


Gretchen's billboard in Times Square from Project Runway!


  1. the smallest living space i have ever seen. LOL. well, sure beats spending $400/night on a crappy hotel...

  2. holy cow. it's like a dorm room. i can't imagine paying that much for that! my 2000 sq ft house is cheaper!