Monday, December 6, 2010

Praise Jesus I have AAA.

Just in case you're wondering...

If you have a 2002 Honda Accord, and you want to warm it up because it's 13 degrees outside, so you turn the heat on full blast and lock the keys in the car (on purpose) because you have an extra keyless entry thingy and it should be no problem to use it to get back in the car, you will be extremely frustrated and panicked when you go out to unlock it because someone at Honda had the bright idea to create a safety mechanism that will NOT LET IT WORK!  And, your husband might be out of town with the extra set of keys, so you'll have to call AAA who will argue with you about your current address and you will tell them that you will update your address just as soon as you have a car that isn't running with the keys in it. Then you will wait over an hour for a very nice locksmith to come and take .5 seconds to open it for you.  And you'll be very late to work. Just in case you're wondering.  :)

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