Friday, December 10, 2010

Tender Tennessee Christmas

This is my all time favorite Christmas to the Carpenter's "A Christmas Portrait".  I like all things cheesy and sentimental at Christmas time.

Tonight I got to hear...

Well they say in  L.A., it's a warm holiday, it's the only place to be...
But a Tender Tennessee Christmas, is the only Christmas for me.  

sung live by Amy Grant at Lipscomb University's Lighting of the Green Concert.  A perfect Nashville moment.

2010 Amy is still as hot as 1983!  :)  


  1. what?! that is my all time favorite christmas song and i'm not even joking. i'm so jealous of you right now. also, i have had trouble tracking down this album online. do you have the actual album or did you download it?

  2. Please tell me she sang Grown-Up Christmas List...please!