Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Snow Week!?

By the standards of many states in the U.S., Nashville had a little snow earlier this week. Flurries, some would say.  3 inches to be exact. However, by Nashville standards, it was "Snowpocalypse 2011".  Businesses and restaurants including national chains closed down.  Events all over town were cancelled.  School was cancelled not one, not two...but FIVE days!  Normally, this teacher would not complain about snow days...but when it's sunny out and there's not a spec of ice or snow to be found on the roads, it seems a little ridiculous.  We have kids to educate, people!

To be fair, there were reportedly many roads that were impassible by school buses.  I did not see any such road, but o.k.  I'll take your word for it Metro Nashville Public Schools.  This means, to date, we have used a total of 7.5 snow days.  3 days over our limit.  So...I've quit cheering on the snow and praying blessings over  I  now see each snow day as a summer day stealer.  Not cool.  Yes...I said stealer.  It could be a word.  LOL.

Here are Billy and I risking our lives by getting out on those treacherous roads and eating lunch at Mas Tacos.  You may remember me mentioning the Mas Tacos cart that we used to visit often.  Now, they have their own little restaurant in East Nashville.  Everything is so colorful and cute...I had to document.  Not to mention the food is all natural, locally grown and delicioso.  Where else can you get a quinoa & sweet potato taco?!

No snow day is complete without a little trip to Sweet Cece's.  I'm obsessed.


  1. you guys are such risk-takers! ha. glad to see you bloggin more...wish there were more snow days so you would continue this nonsense.