Monday, November 11, 2013

A day off...

Today was a day of rest, fun and family time.  Billy decided to take a much needed day off after many days of working and traveling.  

We started the day with some Urban Juicer…just to get some nutrients and our immunity on.  WB = The Well Being.  

Kale, Spinach, Apple, Cucumber, Ginger, Lemon

The Cold Buster = Apple, Lemon, Grapefruit, Ginger.  Heck, yeah.

Then to something not quite as healthy…Barista Parlor in East Nashville.  This place was built for Instagram.  I swear.  Uber hip.  Shoot, even the napkins are hipsters.  But equally as yummy.  

(So...Billy snuck in a few emails…but, hey.)

Let's just be honest.  I have a hankering for biscuits pretty much every day.  Barista does them right…and gluten-free.  My dream come true.  Add locally made PRB sausage, The Peach Trunk preserves, and an iced almond milk mocha…and I'm in lactose-free heaven.

A picnic outside at Sevier Park in 12 South with some g-free goodies from A Matter of Taste.  

Such a warm, awesome day.  No shoes needed.  Tomorrow it's supposed to snow…so we're soaking this up while we can.

I've always wanted to see the view from the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge.  Today was the perfect day.  We caught it just before sunset.  

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