Friday, August 21, 2009

The Full Report

OK...So, many friends have been requesting an update on our jobs, house, church, etc. So here's the skinny. We have been in Nashville almost 6 weeks. It has been a really hard transition in some ways. There have definitely been some tears and hard days. But we are so excited each day to wake up and see what is going to happen! We have found encouragement in many unexpected ways.

For me, not having the safety net of a consistent job has been very stressful. I have to pray daily that God will help me trust Him to provide for us. We know we're in the right place. We have seen Him move in small, but powerful ways. Not the least of which is already having a small network of great friends that are here to help us, give us advice, and have fun with.

Job: I have been on many interviews and have put out many resumes. I was offered a really great teaching position at a wonderful school in Williamson County (a suburb of Nashville) but decided to turn it down. I feel that I would just be taking a teaching job for the security that it would provide. I have other passions and interests that I would like to pursue and am trying to find a job that will better suit my gifts and need for creativity and interaction with people..for now at least. Now is the time to try to make a change. I can always go back to teaching next year. SO....I'm still on the job hunt!

Church: There are many awesome churches in Nashville so it was exciting to visit several of them over the past 6 weeks. I believe that we have found the perfect fit at Strong Tower Bible Church. Our friends, Luke and Rebekah, are members there. Luke is the music director there so Billy already had the opportunity to play last week, which was a huge blessing. We absolutely love it there and are excited to get involved and meet more people. Click here if you want to visit the church's website.

House: We are renting a house in an area of town called 12 South. We are just 3 blocks away from 12th Ave. South which is a row of really hip boutiques, restaurants, coffee shops and other businesses. We are just 5 minutes from downtown and 5 minutes from Vanderbilt University. We LOVE the location and have great neighbors. The house was built in 1950, so it's old and has some issues...and some gigantic spiders. However, we are so thankful that God provided us with a safe, affordable place to live. Here are a few pics.

Below are a couple of projects I completed last month for our house that would make Martha Stewart proud. I made a curtain to cover our pantry opening in the kitchen with clearance fabric from a store near our house. I also painted and put new hardware on an old desk that belonged to Billy's step-dad, Harty, and it looks brand new! Both projects cost less than $35 combined.

Celeb Sightings: And now...the important stuff. "What famous people have you seen???!!" Here are the sightings so far in order of appearance.

1. Leigh Nash: Sixpence None the Richer
2. A Jars of Clay dude
3. A Kings of Leon dude
4. Buddy Miller: Famed Guitar Player, most recently played with Robert Plant & Allison Krause
5. Jeremy Cowart: Photographer
6. Dave Barnes: Singer/Songwriter
7. Matt Wertz: Singer/Songwriter
8. Vince Gill!
9. Justin Gaston: Model/Miley Cyrus' ex-boyfriend
10. Toby Mac: DC Talk
11. Kevin Max: DC Talk
12. Reeves Gabrels: Guitarist for David Bowie
13. Audley Freed: Guiarist for The Black Crowes

More updates to come!


  1. sounds good allie! after explaining it, i think you made a good choice on the teaching job. you've been wanting to do something different and here's your chance! good job brave girl! and i LOVE the little house!!! it looks awesome with your touch cool style! miss you!

  2. Mrs. B., We are so excited to see that you are getting settled in. It is a big change and you will do great! We can't wait to say, "We knew Mrs. B when" (or Mr. B!). Shepherd has Miss Preno this year and really enjoyed his first week.
    XOXO From KC - Shelley and Shepherd

  3. i love that you are being so crafty!! see, if you were teaching you'd never have time to do that stuff. do everything you never had time to do in KC. miss you.

  4. I'm so glad you posted this updates with pictures! Now we can all picture where you are living etc. We will continue to pray for the job hunt. I think whatever you end up finding will be worth the wait for sure. I agree with Jamie, enjoy this time and do what you never had time to do before!

  5. Sounds Good Guys! The house look great, however I am a little worried about how close that curtain is to the toaster oven.
    Christopher Tolle

  6. There are 2 million spiders in every acre of forest on earth;

    I don't have anything else to say right now,

    praying for you both,
    keep on

  7. Glad to hear you're doing well in Nashville! One of my besties lives in Franklin, TN which is a very cute little town if you ever get the chance to go. Her husband is a musician too! His name is Preston Martinez if your hubby were to ever cross paths with him. You house looks great!