Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our First Party at Our New House!

August 4th is a special day for us because it's the day that Billy beat Ewing's Sarcoma, a large tumor in his left leg that was threatening his life. Billy has been cancer free for 4 years now. Praise be to God! We invited some of our Nashville friends over (some are pictured here) to celebrate with ice cream and homemade chocolate cake. We are so thankful to have such wonderful friends here already. It's a huge blessing and has made our transition so much better.

We live in a very old, "historic" house with very uneven floors. Let just me tell is hard to make a cake in a house that has sloped floors. It was a very lopsided cake. It didn't look pretty, but it was tasty nonetheless.

Greg & Sionnie Lafollette, Billy, Luke & Rebekah Sullivant, Donnie Smutz, Miles Chaffer

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