Thursday, August 20, 2009

Green Day Show

On July 31st, Billy and I were VIP's at the Green Day show here in Nashville. Yes. We are that famous already. Oh, and a longtime friend of Billy's, Jeff Matika, is now a guitarist for the band. So, he might have had something to do with it. I did some self-reflection during the concert. Here are my thoughts in a nutshell...

Top 10 Things I learned at the Green Day Concert:
1. I'm old.
2. The dudes in Green Day are older.
3. There are a lot of teenagers in Nashville who are filled with fake "political angst".
4. I didn't realize I knew the words to so many Green Day songs.
5. The Green Day stage banter is exactly like stage banter at a Third Day concert...only it's the opposite of that.
6. I'm annoyed with crowd participation and screaming.
7. Once again, I'm old.
8. Hearing "I Hope You Had the Time of Your Life" in a large arena will surprisingly bring a tear to my eye.
9. I'm a sucker for fireworks and confetti falling from the ceiling.
10. I could get used to being a VIP at concerts.

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