Saturday, July 31, 2010

Week O' Fun - Day 6 (Final Day...O' Fun)

Leiper's Fork:
Our dear friends Luke & Rebekah (and baby Jonah) joined in for our last Day O' Fun!  About 45 minutes south of Nashville is a cute, tiny little town called Lieper's Fork.  It is home to the original Puckett's and a strip of cute little boutiques and stores.  It's also the home of Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman...who for some reason didn't return our calls.  Weird, huh?.   

Back in Nashville, we visited Centennial Park where there is replica of the orignial Parthenon in Athens.  

Centennial Park:
Also in the park every Saturday is Musican's Corner.  It's a free outdoor concert series that features 4 or 5 indie artists every week.  This day happened to be the HOTTEST day of the summer so far, but we we were glad we braved the heat.  

This guy...Trent Dabbs, is a great singer/songwriter and is kind of the mastermind behind this concert series and Ten out of Tenn.  Thanks a lot for walking into my pic, Trent!  No, seriously...thanks.  Madi Diaz is performing on stage behind him.  

Game Night at the Sullivants:
We ended the night at Luke and Rebekah's house with yummy chicken risotto and card games.

Here's what happens when we play games:
Billy's A.D.D. kicks in and he doesn't listen to the rules.  My competitive side kicks in and I get irritated that Billy doesn't take the game seriously...especially when he is my partner in the game!  Then I get tense when I'm losing and try to pretend like it doesn't bother me.  Luke and Rebekah just laugh at us.

This time, Billy actually focused on the game and he WON!  I pretended to be happy for him.  

I hope you enjoyed following us on our adventures this week! Isn't my husband a great sport?!  I love that when I mentioned the idea, he didn't even hesitate.  He was all for it.  He also put up with me taking hundreds of pictures wherever we went.  Haha! It was really fun to have the vacation mindset while being in our own city. We didn't do dishes or laundry.  We let the mail pile up.  We didn't stress out about work coming up the next week.  We just spent time together and enjoyed Nashville.  I hope this inspires you to do the same thing wherever you live!  

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